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Whether you are learning to play acoustic or electric guitar, the blues is an awesome style to play. The basic structure is so simple yet challenging; read on…

Learn to play blues guitar

Finding good blues guitar instruction is sometimes rather difficult. It seems the good players are just too advanced or busy, and the beginners are well, beginners.

You can certainly learn a great deal on your own, but it takes so long to learn the right chords, play lead and learn how to strum a guitar. Players who know all the blues scales always seem in a hurry to demonstrate way more than you ask for, which makes learning even more difficult.

Why not benefit from the guidance of some of the greats?
Now you can learn to play blues guitar online, or even download personalized instruction from some truly great artists. This cuts the learning curve down by a mile. You can even use a slow-downer to, well, slow things down.

This is such a great way to learn how to play guitar because you can pause the music, replay it as many times as you want, fast forward it, whatever you want to do. Tapes and DVD’s are good, but the new Homespun Instant Access system is much, much better.

Great blues guitar instruction

I want one of these

Learn and Master has an extensive library of artists you can check out and for a small fee download some very high quality blues guitar instruction. A good example is Keb Mo’, you can see a demo of his course for free by clicking here.

Once you get the hang of some basic progressions and fingering, you can begin to improvise and learn how to play lead guitar. It is totally fun when you actually are making music, not just playing notes that you have learned.

You can find out how to bend notes, do leads, fills, runs, walk downs, hammer-ons, pickoffs, tapping, slapping and all kinds of cool stuff.

You will learn guitar chords like you never imagined. You can’t just keep playing E, E7, A and B7 all the time! There are many other chords that you can use to get from E to A, for example. These more or less in between chords add a lot of flavor to a song and make it sound unique.

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Gibson Les Paul

Whether you are learning to play acoustic guitar, or electric, the blues is an awesome style to play. The basic structure is so simple, and you do not need to know very much at all to get started. Yet within this simplicity lies endless possibility in your ability to improvise.

You also have the option to play the blues with a slide, your bare fingers, finger picks, or a flatpick. You can even use a combination of any or all of these styles, it is up to you. Finger style playing is very versatile and is full of so many variations that you can never really run out of things to learn.

It is a good idea to begin with a light gauge electric guitar string or acoustic guitar string. This is because the medium or heavy gauge are much harder on the fingers and you might be tempted to give up quickly.

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The light gauge are easy to press against the fretboard and sound just fine. The only drawback is that they do not last as long as medium strings, but this is not really a problem.

All in all, playing blues music is a great way for a beginning acoustic or electric guitar player to start on his journey. Make the effort to get solid blues guitar instruction and make your life a lot easier.

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