How To Use The Master Guitar Guide

Use the 8 segments to learn how to play guitar better and more quickly. Focus on one area at a time and watch it all come together...
Don't make the same mistakes I did
Start with the articles to the right, then check out some of the free resources.

The Eight Segments Of The Master Guitar Guide


Find instruction for your style


Learn to play well with others


Find out how to get more out of practice


Find out why rhythm is so important


Find out how music theory helps you


Find out how to improvise better


How to achieve better technique


Find out which accessories you need

Do This Before You Start On Any Guitar Lessons

Make sure your guitar is playable. Take it to a music store and have them check it out, ask a qualified friend or take it to a luthier.

Deals on guitars

Make sure you have a music room or space. You need privacy to experiment, practice, make mistakes and listen to instruction.

Music stands  Microphones   Headphones   Guitar stands  Metronome

If you don’t already have a community to play music with, find one. This is essential, for many reasons; fun, feedback, sharing, learning from others and expanding your horizons, to mention a few.
Make a commitment to practice daily, if possible, for at least 30 days. Better yet, commit to six months, or a yearly subscription.
Choose a guitar style you want to learn. You can always change your mind later, but you can’t learn 2 at once in the beginning. Look at it like majoring in a subject.  Bluegrass   Rock   Jazz   Classical   Fingerstyle   Country   Blues