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If you want to learn to play guitar well and get there quickly, you need some guitar accessories. I’m not talking about all kinds of gear that makes you look like a dorky kid on the basketball court all decked out like Michael Jordan, but unable to play ball!

However, you can make your life a lot easier with a few essentials. Having the right tools can make any job more fun and easier.

Guitar Accessories

If you don’t have time to play all day and most nights….

If you had unlimited time and energy you could play guitar all day long and eventually become extremely good at it. After all, that is how people like Eric Clapton became so good. Chances are that your time to play all day long and most nights has come and gone though.

Somehow life gets busy and we find ourselves with many things that just have to get done. Things like work, family, dentist appointments, friends, community and all kinds of things to interrupt our guitar journey.

Fortunately, we can make up for some of that time by practicing intelligently, with a plan and a few guitar accessories. Those British blue-eyed bluesmen used to buy American blues records and learn by listening and copying; over and over again. They learned from the records and taught themselves how to play what they heard. That is the essence of a guitar lesson and self-teaching.

You can do the same thing, except you can do it in an easier manner and follow a path that has been used by countless other students of guitar.

Where To Find Great Deals On Guitar Accessories

You need these guitar accessories for learning guitar online


Playable guitar, preferably one that is “set up†for you by a luthier or tech. If your guitar is hard to play you will become discouraged.

Hardshell case. You don’t need a hardshell, but a gig-bag leaves your guitar vulnerable to damage and drying out.  Humidifier. Unless you live somewhere with constant relative humidity of around 50% you need to one.
Comfortable chair. Use an office chair, custom chair, or whatever works so you can sit for periods of time and not get sore. Capo. Invest a few bucks in a reliable one, such as a Shubb, or Kyser. You can spend between $10 and $75. I like my Shubb. Strings. Most players prefer light gauge or medium. I personally use John Pearse New Medium, which work great on my Gibson.
Guitar stand. This is so much better than setting it on the floor or against a wall! It will save your guitar some day. Guitar Tuner. Tuners that clamp onto the headstock make life easier, especially when playing with others.  Music stand. Great for keeping printed tablature handy so you can figure out passages you need help with..
Guitar picks.  When I started I heard Doc Watson say he used a Fender medium, so that’s what I got and still use. Computer. Anything that works and is able to process video well with a good internet connection works great. Headphones. These are really helpful when playing along with practice tracks and video exchanges.
Microphone. Essential for exchanging videos with an instructor, as well as home recordings. It is surprising how revealing a recording can be. You hear things you didn’t even realize. Journal. This little thing will keep you honest. Log your practice times, what you are working on, write down goals, write down music, use it to monitor your progress.


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