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The goal with guitar technique is to play guitar that is musical.

That is the sole purpose. Some guitarists get hung up on the technique and are not able to actually play any music, which is missing the point entirely! Technique is really “knowing how to do something and being able to do itâ€.

Use technique to improve your playing.

Guitar technique

It Happens All The Time…you play the right notes but it is not musical

Have you ever practiced a riff, or lick or song and played it for a friend, only to discover that it was just not appreciated? It could be your friend was not listening, but probably it is because the playing was not musical and failed to move her.

We’ve all been there and had that empty feeling. This is where the Master Guitar Guide can help. Because it is an overall plan that connects the different aspects of guitar playing, you learn more quickly how to use guitar technique to make your playing more musical, not just using the right notes.

Guitar technique is one of those topics that has no end; you can spend years working on it and still have room for improvement. Not only that, but there are so many styles of guitar, each with it’s own unique techniques that you can become overwhelmed and confused.

By making a commitment to learning, choosing a style, choosing an instruction method and following the plan, you will soon be making more beautiful music than you ever dreamed you could.


Find Out How Guitar Technique Can Take Your Playing To The Next Level

Free lessons can be OK, but you will only get so far for free. If you want to take your playing to the next level you need personal instruction. You need a well thought-out course that moves from A to Z in a step-by-step manner to get the most out of your practice.

Your instructor has experience with students of every level of ability and can quickly identify “where you are at†and know how to guide you. My biggest regret is missing out on this guidance and wasting years trying to teach myself.



An Overview Of Guitar Technique For Making Better Music

  • Best way to practice guitar
  • How to get the best tone in your playing
  • Developing muscle memory
  • Using the Slowpoke Approach to learn songs and tunes
  • Developing picking hand technique
  • Developing strumming technique
  • Ornamentations such as bending, slides, hammer-ons, pick-offs, vibrato
  • Learning to improvise
  • Learning to play well with others; jamming, bands and performance.
  • Solving fingering problems such as rolling
  • Fretting hand development with scales, fretboard exercises, chords, single note playing, combining chords and notes, damping, and more.
  • Stretches and exercises to keep healthy and avoid carpal tunnel syndrome
  • How to find melodies anywhere on the fingerboard
  • Developing tone, groove and feel so your playing is musical


Features Video Exchange and virtuosos


Features Dozens Of Artists

Guitar Tricks

Every style you can imagine

Gibson Learn & Master

DVD’s for learning

Recordings With Great Technique And Musicality


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