7 Keys To Practice Guitar Better

The best way to practice guitar is easy to learn, but sometimes not so easy to do. This is because most people want instant results. After all, watching a capable guitar player makes it looks so easy; why doesn’t it work for me?

practice guitar

Sometimes you need some help to practice guitar

Remember the tortoise and the hare when you practice guitar

Remember the story of the tortoise and the hare (turtle and rabbit)? They had a race and the rabbit took off so fast that he decided he could take a nap while the slow moving tortoise plodded along. In the end, the tortoise won the race, which is another way of saying: “Slow and steady wins the race”.

The good news is that, no matter how little you know about playing guitar and music, you can become quite good at this. How do I know this? Because, at one time, I was a complete klutz with my guitar, but I stuck with it and today am pretty good at it!

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Most of us want success without sacrifice and are too impatient to take the necessary steps. All too often we get enthusiastic about something, buy some equipment, make a good start, then slowly drift away into indifference.

The best way to practice guitar is to practice daily and correctly

If you are truly serious about learning the best way to practice guitar, you will discover that it takes a commitment and dedication. You might be tempted to think that those cool guys who seem to know how to play guitar without trying were somehow magically gifted, but, the truth is that everyone has to practice a lot.

practice guitar

Doc Watson had to practice guitar just like you do

7 keys to practice guitar better

1. Your guitar must be playable. This means that you probably should get it set up by a luthier, or at least the local guy at the guitar shop. This makes a huge difference in whether or not you stick with it. If the instrument is difficult to play you will avoid playing it. If it sounds crappy, you will not enjoy it.

2. You need a private space where you can play as much as you want without becoming self-conscious. Having to constantly worry about other people will dampen your spirits and make you play in an inhibited manner.

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3. Practice daily for at least 20 minutes. This is far better than neglecting practice for a few days and then making up for it by playing for an hour every few days. Daily effort is the best way to practice guitar.

4. Choose a method and follow through with the program. If you jump from course to course or style to style in the beginning, you will become a very superficial player who only knows a little about a lot. Sticking with a plan is the best way to learn to practice guitar.

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5. Use a metronome and learn to tap your foot. Few things are more aggravating that trying to play with somebody who cannot keep time. You quickly get a reputation with other people and you will notice that they avoid playing with you. Using a metronome is the best way to practice guitar.

6. Practice with purpose. Do not confuse noodling around and just playing stuff with practice. Practice is discipline and should be taken as an obligation. It might sound harsh and un-creative, but it is not. You will never be able to express any creativity unless you know how to play the darn thing first!

7. Play with other people who know how to play better than you. This is one of the best ways to learn how to practice and play guitar. You soon discover your strengths and weaknesses when you play with better players. Playing well with others is the best way to practice guitar.

Take some time, invest some money, set some goals and learn the best way to practice guitar, you will be glad you did. If you incorporate these keys into your guitar playing you will surprise yourself with the progress you make.

Playing guitar is a life-long adventure, a creative outlet and a great way to connect with people you probably would never get to rub shoulders with in any other way. Enjoy!

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