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What I like best about my new Gibson Songwriter Special Acoustic guitar is everything. I like the sound, especially the mid-tones on the A,D and G strings. It has great projection, which is a welcome relief compared to my former guitar.
The third thing is that it just looks great. Nice cutaway style with tasty inlay around the body and on the neck. I get many compliments every time I take it out.

Gibson Songwriter Special

So, my wife and I were visiting family in Crested Butte, Colorado this March. It is a beautiful place and we had  a great time visiting my cousin and his family. My cousin could the the subject of an entire blog post, but that will have to wait. Anyway, one night, as I sat on the stairs playing my little Taylor GS-Mini travel guitar, my cousin’s wife mentioned that her friend had a black Martin guitar on consignment in Gunnison, which is the next town over.

I didn’t give it much thought, until we entered Gunnison the next day and so we stopped in to see the local music store and maybe the black Martin. Turns out it was a black Gibson and when I took a look at it, well, I could almost hear it calling my name!

Gibson Songwriter SpecialThe guitar had almost never been played, not any wear marks anywhere, even the pick guard. There was a small scratch on the body, but otherwise it was mint. When I saw the price I knew I was going to buy it. You see, I had been telling myself for the past several years that, “when I owe nobody any money and have saved a few thousand dollars, I am going to get a Gibson guitar.”

This thing was probably at a 60% discount, plus it came with a custom case and pickup for acoustic electric playing. How sweet was that? Naturally, I had to get the owner to include a free hat, which he slowly agreed to. He checked out the going prices on various forums and confirmed that this was an awesome deal.

When I got home and showed it to my jam buddies they were drooling all over it. Now, when we play outside they can hear me. Plus, it just looks cools as all get-out.

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