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Whether you own a high end acoustic guitar or an entry level one, there are times when you want to use an acoustic guitar pickup; read on…

How To Choose An Acoustic Guitar Pickup

If you do not have an acoustic electric, you have to either use a microphone or install some type of pickup. It might sound expensive or intimidating to install a pickup, but these days is can be a painless project.

Choosing an acoustic guitar pickup

Amazing Sound Quality From This Pickup

There are many types of acoustic guitar pickups available, from very simple sound hole slide-in types to hard wired ones that must be professionally installed. Another popular type is mounted in the endpin of the body and includes a control mounted in the sound hole.

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Another option is sort of a combination of using a mic and an undersaddle pickup. These cost a bit more, but the sound quality is remarkable. With both methods combined as one, the tones, treble, bass and voicings are unparalleled.

For the average guitar player who wants to get an acoustic guitar pickup without spending a lot of money, you can do so for about $40 up to $300, depending on which type and quality you buy. The newer models are truly amazing in sound quality and lack of humming and distortion.

The LR Baggs Anthem Internal Tru-Mic Acoustic Guitar Pickup is highly recommended for the serious guitarist.

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It is easy to get started

Assuming you already have an amplifier and cable, you can be up and playing in a very short time. This is because both the sound hole types and endpin models of acoustic guitar pickup can easily be installed by almost anyone.

The endpin models might be better left to a guitar tech, unless you are confident in your skills. It is not difficult, if you know what you are doing. However, if you are not-so-handy, spend the money to get it professionally installed at a guitar dealer or good music store

Most players prefer not to modify their instrument, and these three types of pickups for acoustic guitars all can be installed without any modification at all. Plus, they are virtually invisible and allow the instrument to stand out.

Recommended Guitar Brands


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Acoustic guitar pickup brands and models

I want one of these

Whether you have a high end Gibson, Taylor, Martin, or Takamine, there are several types of pickups available. Even a cheap guitar can be made to sound great with good strings, a good pickup and, of course, a good player!

A recommended sound hole model is the LR Baggs Anthem Tru-Mic Pickup.

At the heart of the patent pending Anthem is a revolutionary new type of microphone. Utilizing a proprietary noise canceling mic, the Anthem Tru-Mic eliminates any annoying honky or boxy qualities that have been previously associated with internal mic’ing, leaving the pure and natural sound of your guitar the way only a real mic is capable of doing.

A less expensive sound hole mounted model is the Seymour Duncan SA3SC Woody SC Acoustic Guitar Pickup. This is a single coil pickup that features a natural acoustic sound with excellent string to string balance and very high feedback resistance. Low noise, high output, easy installation, with no marring of your guitar. An attached 14 foot studio quality cable & a cloth drawstring storage bag are included. These cost less than $100 and are simple to install.

A reputable endpin mounted pickup is the Fishman Acoustic Matirx Infinity Pickup and Preamp System. This is available in two saddle slot widths and is invisible once installed. Installation is a bit more complicated, but can be done at home, if you are a bit skillful. Otherwise, take it to your favorite guitar shop. Click here to check the latest price.

Finally, the best of both worlds in a pickup is the Fishman Ellipse Matrix Blend Guitar Pickup and Preamp System. This combines the Fishman Acoustic Matrix with the Ellipse Blend for a total sound experience. Installation is simple. Click here to check the latest price.

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