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Surely the number one mistake guitar players make is to neglect one little thing; read on…

The Lowly Guitar Tuner

Of all the acoustic guitar accessories, the guitar tuner is one of the most essential. In seconds, without disturbing anyone else, you can get your guitar precisely tuned.The new ones are so compact and easy to use that no musician should be without one.

In a matter of seconds, everyone can be in tune and on the same wave length. Whatever type of music you are playing: blues, rock and roll, bluegrass, Celtic or classical, you need to be in tune. By far, the simplest method is to use a clip-on guitar tuner.

When you play alone a lot it can be easy to just tune the guitar to itself and get by. It probably will be pretty close to correct, but not exactly. However, when you play with other people, you absolutely must be in tune, or it will sound terrible, no matter how skilled you are.

This is where the clip on guitar tuner comes in so handy. They just clip on the headstock and with a few adjustments you can see immediately if you are sharp or flat. It is quick and easy to tune up or down and that’s it, you can tell at once when you are in tune.

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Free online tuner


Keep Your Guitar Tuned

There is a free online guitar tuner you can use. This is a handy little widget, especially if you like using things such as videos to learn from. Unfortunately, it is not exactly able to fit in your case! Click here to use the free online tuner.

The typical guitar case probably has extra guitar strings, a capo, a bunch of picks, a humidifier, a little metronome, some sheet music, and a few tools as well. Make sure you keep your guitar tuner in the little storage area, where it is safe and sound.

You might also want to put your name on it because certain types tend to be quite popular and it is easy to get them mixed up or to lose one.

Serious, professional grade tuners

If you are playing seriously in a band and need a sturdy, accurate and easy to use tuner, you should take a good look at the Korg Pitchblack Chromatic Tuner Guitar Pedal.

This is a very popular guitar tuner, used by bands everywhere and it is great for use on the road or in the studio.

It features an easy to read LED, tracks beautifully, and your sound is unaffected.

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