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A visit to any of his live performances will tell you how deeply he connects and sways his audience. But even beyond the stadium, Ed Sheeran has millions of fans that stream his music all over the world.

You don’t just wake up overnight and command such millions of followers and fans. To compose and sing hits such as Thinking Out Loud, Shape of You, The A-Team, and Photograph, requires investment. Besides the skillset and dedication, you need the right choice of instruments-guitar included.

Therefore, What Guitar Does Ed Sheeran Use?

Like all other leading musicians, Ed doesn’t just pick his instruments blindly. When it comes to the choice of guitar, he has a few trusted models. But in most of his live performances, he uses the Martin Guitars Martin Ed Sheeran Signature Edition Acoustic.

So, why does Ed Sheeran love that particular guitar? Let’s look at some background information about the renowned musician to understand him better.

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Background Information on Ed Sheeran and his Guitar Skills

Before he recorded his songs on CDs, he used to sing out in the street; busker technique. To set matters straight, Ed Sheeran is both a songwriter and a singer.

So besides his remarkable skill in guitar playing, he composes his songs that blend with the Ed Sheeran Signature Edition Acoustic guitar.

By so doing, he manages to skillfully strike the six-string guitar to bring out the right feelings from his listeners. Each of his songs awakens either sad or happy emotions that listeners easily blend with.

Why the Martin Guitars Martin Ed Sheeran Signature Edition Acoustic?

Here are the key features that define the Martin Guitars Martin Ed Sheeran Signature Edition Acoustic-Electric Guitar:

Sitka Spruce Top

Martin uses the Sitka spruce laminate top on the guitar. Such a choice of material blends strength and elasticity. So, it forms an electric guitar with a wide dynamic range. It can produce crisp tone.

Therefore if you have taken to fingerpicking, flat-picking, or strumming it still produces a pleasant output. The warmth and sound projection are just remarkable.

Mahogany HPL, (High-Pressure Laminate)

When performing live shows outdoors, you need the guitar that gives consistent output throughout. The Martin Ed Sheeran Signature Edition Acoustic uses the mahogany high-pressure laminate that stays consistent regardless of changes in temperature and humidity.

Premium Handmade Quality

The signature edition acoustic guitars feature handmade quality instruments. For that reason, they can withstand several hours of in the studio or late-night live performances without degrading in quality. In other words, the guitars can take on plenty of picking and strum for extended hours.

Enhanced Playability

Besides reproducing the exceptional Martin’s distinguishing tone, the Signature edition guitars are easy to play. Both professional and novice guitarists find it pleasurable to use. From country to jazz, folk, rock, and bluegrass music, the guitar blends naturally with different styles.

Appealing Appearance

Each part of the Martin Ed Sheeran Signature Edition features skillful crafting that arrests attention. The mahogany HPL is at the sides and back. The Sitka spruce top, and artistically designed cover appeals to most people.

Further, the mortise and tenon jointing and the black gear tuners all add to its premium look. The symbols of the divide and X sign on the guitar say it all about Martin’s brand.

Non-Scalloped X-Bracing

For superior reproduction of the mid-range frequencies, the Martin Ed Sheeran Signature Edition employs the non-scalloped x-bracing design. Therefore it gives out a balanced output, unlike the scalloped bracing type that drowns some frequencies.

Portable Size

Compared to the standard guitar, the Martin Ed Sheeran Signature Edition is slightly smaller. It’s a 3/4 size dreadnought acoustic-electric guitar. Such a size makes it very portable.

So when you need the guitar that makes the perfect travel companion from show to show, it makes a viable choice. Moreover, if you are a child or possess small hands, you can still have a good grip of the guitar without straining.

Satisfying Tone

Considering its smaller size, you might be tempted to think it produces substandard tonal performance. It uses a spruce top and a solid soundboard that gets better with breaking in. Considering that Ed Sheeran started as a busker and loves the guitar, it’s a sure sign that its sound level delivers in live and street guitar playing.

What We Liked About it:

  • Very portable
  • Sturdily built
  • Small but produces ample volume
  • Easy to hold and play by even small hands

What We Didn’t Like:

  • A few people complain about its bass reproduction being slightly low


If you are an avid fan of Ed Sheeran songs and wish to try out a few of his songs, then the Martin Ed Sheeran Signature Edition is a good starting point. But owing to its versatility, any intermediate or beginner level guitarist will find it very useful.

Its portable size, ample volume, playability, and attractive look make it an acoustic-electric guitar hard to ignore. If you are starting on a campaign a name in the streets, the Martin Ed Sheeran Signature Edition won’t disappoint.

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