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Orangewood, founded out of love for music, aims at rekindling the popularity and love for string instruments in the upcoming generation. Their ever-growing collections have proved their devotion to supporting music education and passing their passion for music down to today’s youth.

Being one of the few instrument-manufacturing brands that do not operate from a retail store, their e-commerce distribution model has caused some stir between consumers wary of ordering online. Despite this, they have managed to build a fan base.

All guitars are designed in the U.S. by experts and manufactured in Asia, notably China and Indonesia. These are then sent to the company’s current headquarters in Los Angeles for a quality review.

Here they are tuned by experienced technicians, which make the instruments ready to play right upon delivery. The instruments are also packed carefully to reach their destinations without any damages.

Where did they start, and where are they now?

Two Korean-American brothers, Eddie and Sooj Park launched Orangewood out of Orange, California, in 2017. Before this, it was a Korean-value brand with a much smaller presence.

Their first line in the U.S. included four acoustic guitars and a ukulele, and their vision was to provide high-quality, affordable instruments, with each purchase supporting music education. They wanted to bring forth a new generation guitar brand with a simpler shopping experience.

Along with growing their range of guitars up to five collections and relocating to Los Angeles, Orangewood has made a name for itself in the past four years.

Notable artists like Billie Eilish and Sofi Tukker have also played their instruments. Still in the process of expanding internationally, the brand currently only delivers within the United States and to Canada.

What makes Orangewood stand out?

The manufacturers are known for the following unique services:

Online Shopping

Although shopping online is not a go-to when buying a musical instrument, the company has proven authentic. Their detailed catalog, easy checkout, lack of a middleman, trustworthy payment methods, timely delivery, and even an active customer inquiry email all make this a reliable purchase from the comfort of your home.

Tuning and Set-up

Most guitars require professional tuning whereas, Orangewood guitars come ready to play out of the bag. The tuning is done according to your needs at the L.A. headquarters before they are sent your way.


The low price of the guitars is due to foreign parts and labor along with the online distribution system. Their FAQ section proudly lets you know about the free delivery options available in the U.S. Moreover, the guitars come with a gig bag or hard case and can even be fashioned for left-handers.

What are some of their renowned models?

Victoria It’s a grand concert-type acoustic guitar for when you want to stay within a low budget. It is made of mahogany and spruce and produces a clear and balanced sound.

Dana More suitable for beginners and those on the road, it features an open-pore finish and lucid sound. It is one of Orangewood’s bestsellers.

Rey Mahogany It’s warm, brown color makes it look charming. It also has other features like a wide tone spectrum making it more ideal for experienced players.

Echo LiveDurable with a sturdy build, Echo Live comes equipped with a built-in tuner. It gives out a rich sound but comes without a pick-guard.

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What do you need to know before shopping for your first guitar?


It is important to note that an electric guitar is easier to play and learn for beginners and is also adjustable. An acoustic guitar saves money on an amplifier but sounds the best when you’re experienced on chords. A more expensive bargain is an acoustic-electric guitar which packs the advantages of both.

Build and Model

The best guitar for you is not only one that plays smoothly but also has a straight neck and strings at an adjustable distance. You should also pass up the instrument if you can’t reach the fretboard easily.


Having a clear budget in mind will help you finalize your choice. It will also help you decide if you want a new or already used guitar. A used one is perfect for beginners and those looking for a vintage sound. New ones are a great investment if you can stretch your budget.

Additional Expenses

Most brands do not provide already-tuned guitars or accessories either. You will have to get your guitar set up by a professional and buy additional products like picks, tuner, strap, and polishing cloth before you’re ready to play.

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Orangewood has impressively produced a variety of sizes, styles, and shapes in such a short amount of time. Moreover, they have proved their online distribution services time and time again for all those hesitant.

They still remain true to their promise of working towards reviving the love for music and traditional guitars in young hearts and giving back to the musical community. We can hope they soon extend their services internationally and introduce newer designs with more originality.

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